St. Paul's School | Educational Visual Identity and Branding

Creating a Positive Initial Impression

The St. Paul’s School asked Bernhardt Fudyma to create a refreshed and consistent brand image. A visual identity that would become widely recognized, present a positive image, inspire trust, and reflect the tradition of excellence for which the school is known.

We created a graphic system that had the ability to accommodate specific or unique applications or content, and permit a single component to successfully function as a stand-alone entity, while maintaining sufficient ‘genetic’ similarity to work in combination with all of the school’s other communication materials and reinforce a unified St. Paul’s brand image.

Guidelines cover for the St. Paul's School visual identity and branding document
Various applications of the SPS St. Paul's School graphic on marketing materials

Often identified by its initials, the school’s communications team chose a bold typographic design solution that was based on the font of its formal wordmark which appears on school stationery and other administrative documents.

SPS graphic and refined logo for St. Paul’s School
@SPS masthead and newsletter design for St. Paul’s School
Email header designs for two of St. Paul’s School’s various audiences

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