Logo and visual branding for the Hamptons Festival of Music.
September 2022

Music and Art in Concert

For its inaugural season on the East End of Long Island, the organizers of The Hamptons Festival of Music enlisted Bernhardt Fudyma to create the overall festival branding, the identity for its resident orchestra, The New American Sinfonietta, the event’s marketing materials, and advertising.
The three-day festival, which coordinates events with the area’s greater art community and individual artists, is the latest creation of its renowned founder and artistic director, Michael Palmer, who also created the internationally recognized Bellingham Festival of Music 30 years ago.


Missio Invest logo and tagline placed on a closeup of an African child’s image.
September 2021

Blending Faith and Finance

Initiated by the Pontifical Mission Societies, Missio Invest is a new form of mission support that provides crucial services in Sub-Saharan Africa. They assigned Bernhardt Fudyma Design Group to create a new visual identity and website that would visually brand the organization and its social impact fund.


Paul's School athletic brand identity
June 2021

Creating a school’s athletic brand

For the St. Paul’s School, its Pelican mascot conveys much about the schools mission, but they didn’t refer to themselves as the Pelicans. Recently they undertook an extensive process to poll faculty, coaches, students, and alumni to determine a formal naming convention and assigned the Bernhardt Fudyma Design Group to create a comprehensive visual branding system that reflected that nomenclature in a consistent and graphically coordinated manner for the school and its athletic team uniforms.


The LPE brand identity applied to the “Our Work” landing page of the website designed by Bernhardt Fudyma Design Group
November 2020

Constructing a New Brand

Bernhardt Fudyma recently extrapolated the identity and branding we developed for LPE – a construction project management company –to their full website which further explains their depth of services in a wide range of industry segments.


The Bolero Grill logo created by Bernhardt Fudyma Design Group NY
June 2020

New York Yacht Club Christens a New Restaurant

Launched in 1949 for John Nicholas Brown II, then Vice Commodore of the New York Yacht Club, the Bolero was a 73’ racing yawl. It immediately set the pace for numerous trophies including the 1950, 1954, and 1956 Newport Bermuda Race – setting a new record for the 635 mile race that remained unbeaten until 1974.

Brown’s family estate in Newport was ultimately purchased by the NY Yacht Club and became its Newport station and clubhouse. It’s restaurant was named after his illustrious yacht and our design for its branding was inspired by the design of its hull and outline of its transom.

January 2020

We Stand

To communicate their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts for 2019, Winston & Strawn LLP asked Bernhardt Fudyma to create an animated video, in multiple languages, that would be distributed to their clients, friends, and prospects around the world.

July 2019

Visually Coordinating the World’s Leading Association for Risk Managers

The Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) assigned Bernhardt Fudyma to graphically harmonize the overall branding of its organization. Using the existing corporate logo as the genetic code, we retrofitted the unrelated identities of their numerous offerings and programs.

The New York Yacht Club branding system.
March 2019

The New York Yacht Club Launches New Branding System

The Bernhardt Fudyma Design Group has completed a new graphic branding system for the most prestigious yacht club in the country.

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Single panel from the House of Morgan historical display designed for JPMorgan.
February 2019

If it’s Tuesday it must be…

From Brussels to Bangalore, Tampa to Tempe, and Shanghai to Singapore….the three historical displays that we’ve designed for JPMorgan Chase have now been installed in 15 cities across the country and around the globe. 

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The Penn Club new brand identifier applied to the New Member Packet as part of the member club branding system.
January 2019

A Home Away From Home

The Penn Club of New York enlisted the Bernhardt Fudyma Design Group to energize the look-and-feel of its member communications.

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Graphics To Go neon sign.
December 2018

To Paraphrase the Beatles…

“It was 45 years ago today”….Exactly. To the day. And also a Friday.

Although we had actually opened for business in March of 1973, we did not get around to holding our formal studio opening event until the end of that year, on December 7th. In the interim however, we did splurge on a cool neon sign of our new logo. (Neon lettering was ‘cool’ back then anyway, and, as we thought at the time, so was our original name, Graphics-To-Go.) As with our firm, nearly a half century later that sign also still exists and, despite a cracked tube or two, also still glows when plugged in.

In addition to the sea change in our industry from atoms to bits, much has happened over the intervening years. To re-live some of the many events that have occurred in the world around us, visit the timeline we created a few years back to commemorate our 40th anniversary.

LPE Management Services logo as part of an updated brand identity design applied to a building detail
November 2018

Communicating Seamless Integration

LPE Management Services offers highly specialized owner’s representation and capital program management services to its clients. Bernhardt Fudyma has recently completed their new brand identity and its application to the firm’s various business papers, marketing materials, and website.

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Logo design created as part of the rebranding for the nonprofit New York Yacht Club Foundation.
October 2018

A Foundation Gets a Facelift

Bernhardt Fudyma has recently completed the creation of a brand identity for the New York Yacht Club Foundation which included a new logo, website, and a complement of donor appeal materials.

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anna-walinska-website-selected-as graphic-design-usa-web-design-winner
May 2018

Commemorating Life and Art

Our design for the Anna Walinska website was chosen from nearly 1500 entries for an American Web Design Award by Graphic Design USA.

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Image of Washington and Lincoln for lifespan of US presidents infographic.
February 2018

Hail to the old man.

This Presidents Day the man in the oval office is the oldest person ever to be elected president. However, back when the Founding Fathers decided that a person had to be at least 35 years old to be President of the United States, the life expectancy for a white male child at birth was slightly less than 35 years. Did they intend that the Chief Executive be at death’s door before taking office?

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Website design and branding for Walinska.art
January 2018

Art imitating life…and visa versa.

Bernhardt Fudyma recently created a website that presents a fascinating portrait of the life and work of the modernist artist Anna Walinska.

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The Fifty Vanderbilt Foundation logo design for the New York Yale Club.
November 2017

Maintaining a Facade

Bernhardt Fudyma has recently completed the identity for the Fifty Vanderbilt Foundation. Started in tandem with the centennial celebration of the Yale Club’s historic and architecturally important building, the Foundation’s purpose is to preserve and maintain the exterior façade of the building at 50 Vanderbilt Avenue, honor and promote the work of architect James Gamble Rogers, and aid in giving scholarships for Yale University students.

September 2017

September 8th is National Ampersand Day

Originally designed as a typographic ligature for the Latin word et – meaning ‘and’ – this symbol has evolved from the more visually literal depiction of the two letter forms into the many less obvious variations in use today. The symbol’s name, ampersand, is also a conflation of the phrase “and per se and”, meaning “and [the symbol which] by itself [is] and”.

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Ineo visual Identity created as part of Ineo’s strategic brand development comprised of their logo in the center of a graphic element of latitude and longitude coordinates.
August 2017

Need. Know. Ineo.

As the first to bring deep tax and technology expertise to the business of relocation services, Ineo is now one of the global mobility industry’s most trusted knowledge sources.

In addition to creating a distinctive new visual brand, Bernhardt Fudyma was assigned to reposition the company as a single source for its full range of services, and develop marketing communications around the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of what it does rather than just the ‘what’ of its offerings.

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The Yale Club 2016 Annual Report cover image of chandelier
May 2017

Details, Details!

Bernhardt Fudyma has been proud to design The Yale Club Annual Report for the past 10 years. The cover for this year’s report showcases the elaborate details of the recently restored ceiling in the Club’s Grand Ballroom.

Work At Home Vintage Experts-WAHVE
February 2017

Helping to create the next Wahve

Work At Home Vintage Experts, a freelance talent resource platform that provides insurance firms with seasoned insurance industry professionals, enlisted Bernhardt Fudyma to redesign its website, marketing communication materials, and trade show presence.

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New logo and tagline for BluEdge company rebranding project
November 2016

Pixels. Particles. People.

In order to unify all of their current business units under a single dynamic brand, BluEdge (formerly NRI) assigned Bernhardt Fudyma to update the company’s name and sharpen its image. After months of research, internal and external interviews, brand strategy and positioning development, we created a new identity and tagline, a full complement of business papers, and a complete website redesign that reaffirms BluEdge as an innovator and embodies its vision for the future.

Read -and see- more from the company’s President in the trade press at:

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St. George-athletic-logo-design
September 2016

Taming A Dragon

Although it’s namesake’s mythological foe is represented in many ways around the campus and has always been the school’s de facto mascot, for 120 years the St. George’s School had never visually represented a dragon on its many team uniforms, athletic facilities or other ‘school spirit’ ephemera. That has changed with the current school year as their teams take the field sporting the new dragon branding created by the Bernhardt Fudyma Design Group.

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August 2016

Risky Business

When the risk management arm of Promontory Financial Group asked us to rebrand them – and their state-of-the-art technology and subject-matter expertise in the areas of anti-money laundering, financial risk management and regulatory compliance – we developed an identity and marketing collateral system that reflected their new vision for the company.

July 2016

Forward One More Year

In its 119th year, the Forward continued to cover critical world events, the arts, cuisine, books, spirituality and humor…and again assigned Bernhardt Fudyma to design and produce its annual report.

September 2015

Joke With The Pope

In anticipation of Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to the US, The Pontifical Mission Societies enlisted the Bernhardt Fudyma Design Group to design a website that would encourage viewers to ‘donate’ a joke to help support important humanitarian causes around the world.  The Joke With The Pope site was also intended to build awareness of the organization’s soon to be released Missio.org website (which was also designed by Bernhardt Fudyma) and their new mobile app where you can explore various causes, donate to specific projects, and be inspired by the good work happening around the globe.

August 2015

Being Forward

Founded in 1897 as a Yiddish-language daily, the Forward soon became a national paper, the most widely read Jewish newspaper anywhere. By the 1920s its circulation outstripped the New York Times. Bernhardt Fudyma was chosen to produce their first annual report.

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website-design-for-nonprofits-graphic-module Graphic module created for the website design of the nonprofit NY City Charter School Center.
March 2015

The Charter School Center becomes more responsive

As their various audiences increasingly utilize mobile devices to access information on applying to, supporting or starting charter schools, the New York City Charter School Center assigned the Bernhardt Fudyma Design Group to redesign – and re-engineer – their website to respond and properly display information in that mobile environment.

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Graphic Design winner announcement for the website design for attorneys Engel & Davis, LLC.
January 2015

Legal Representation

The law firm of Engel & Davis wanted a new web presence that would not only convey their extensive experience and expertise, but also reflect the firm’s personality and non-traditional attitude.


Macot detail for the Winsor's school sports branding project
November 2014

The Winsor Wildcat gets a new life

With a vision of enhancing the athletic and wellness aspects of its curriculum, The Winsor School undertook the building of new athletic facilities and commissioned Bernhardt Fudyma to create a new identity for their many sports teams and brand their Wildcat mascot.


November 2014

The Ultima-te Makeover

Bernhardt Fudyma has recently completed a package design update for Ultima Health Products’ line of electrolyte replenisher products – five flavors in various canister and box sizes for both the U.S. and Canadian markets. The new Ultima logo and packaging, inspired by designer Kate Allaire, emphasizes the eight essential electrolytes provided by this natural dietary supplement.

May 2014

Happy Anniversary NBA

No, not that NBA….June 3rd marks the 150th anniversary of the passage of the National Banking Act of 1864 which standardized the design of bank notes throughout the United States. Using rare notes from the JPMorgan Chase Currency Collection, Bernhardt Fudyma was asked to design an exhibit that traces the evolution of paper notes from Colonial America and the role that banks played in their circulation.

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April 2014


Bernhardt Fudyma has received American Web Design Awards from Graphic Design USA for two recently produced online web modules. One for the New York City Charter School Center and the other for our own 40th anniversary commemorative.

Visit the Charter School module          Visit our 40th anniversary module

April 2014

BFDG makes hair manageable – and responsive

Nicolas Jurnjack, one of the most respected hair stylists in the world, has had his hands on all the great manes that have graced the pages of the world’s most well-known fashion magazines. Bernhardt Fudyma was chosen to design a website that would bring his unique quality and style to the majority of women who are not models or actresses.

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February 2014

Another day…..another web pick

The web module we created for the New York City Charter School Center has been chosen by Communication Arts magazine online as a Web Pick of the Day.

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December 2013

Two Rooms With a View

In tandem with major architectural renovations, Bernhardt Fudyma rebrands two historic dining facilities for the Yale Club of New York City.

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October 2013

Logo Facelifts

Like some people, corporate logos often need a minor ‘touch-up’ to improve their appearance. Over the years we have worked with a number of clients for whom we have prescribed just such a procedure.