Missio Invest | Nonprofit Visual Identity and Digital Design

Blending faith and finance for the common good

Missio Invest was created in 2014 by the Pontifical Mission Societies in the United States. Its mission is to strengthen the network of crucial services in Sub-Saharan Africa, where church-run schools and health facilities are attached to an abundance of farmable land, much of it underutilized due to a lack of funds and commercial experience. Through its social impact fund, Missio Invest applies the principles of social impact investing to this vast pastoral network providing financing for not only agribusinesses, but also health and education enterprises as well as Church run financial institutions that administer loans and banking products in underserved communities.

As a result, communities that traditionally relied on donations and grants are now becoming communities of entrepreneurs generating economic growth for the common good. At Missio Invest, faith and finance work together to achieve a powerful impact.

Missio Invest assigned Bernhardt Fudyma to create a visual identity and a website that would help visually brand the nonprofit and its social impact fund, communicate the funds overall benefits and beneficiaries, and illustrate the breakdown of investments in various recipient categories in different geographical regions in Africa.

Logo and website design

Missio Invest logo and tagline placed on a closeup of an African child’s image.
Missio Invest website showing a section of the About Us page with the feature image for that section and a sample of a statistical callout on an image of a cross.
Sample pages of the Missio Invest website design on an iPhone.
Missio Invest website pages of the Our Strategy and Contact pages on an iPhone.
Interactive graphic map of Africa created to show the breakdown of the Missio Invest loans in various countries.
Missio Invest Brand Guidelines cover design.
Font and logo usage outlined in Missio Invest brand guidelines.

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